10 Most Effeminate NFL Quarterbacks

Today we are staying in the football theme, and are proud to bring you the 10 most Effeminate NFL Quarterbacks. To see if your favorite team’s ring leader made the list .. check below!


10. Jay Cutler


Jay Cutler

Culter comes from Santa Claus, a small south Indiana town where Christmas season is huge. He was raised in Christmas Village subdivision. I bet he fights for the elf costume.


9. Chad Pennington


Chad Pennington

When a chick describes you as follows, you’re in trouble. “boyish handsomeness. Boasting skin so creamy, he may never have hit puberty; ginger hair that looks like his mom styled it for Picture Day; and the brown eyes of a baby beagle. You want to pinch his cheeks right before you give him a scritch behind the ears.” –

Compared to a puppy huh? Very masculine.




8. JP Losman


JP Losman

JP has a BA in Classical studies, long glistening locks, and his effeminate giggle was highlighted last year when on the Jim Rome Show. Te-he-he.




7. Eli Manning


Eli Manning
Eli Manning Shirtless

Loves karaoke, loves suggestive modeling. See above photos.



6. Jeff Garcia


Jeff Garcia

Do you really need an explanation? Just listen to him speak. He even had to go so far as to publicly declare his heterosexuality to the media.


5. Chris Simms


Chris Simms

I’m not saying tattoos are feminine, but this is a bit odd. Chris Simms and Former Assistant Kyle Shanahan became such good friends at the University of Texas that they have their initials tattooed on each other’s lower leg. “We’re best friends, and we’ll be best friends for life,” –Simms

“I was the new wide receiver, and one day I was in the dressing room. Chris came up, introduced himself and asked if I’d run some routes for him. I said, ‘Sure.’ Later, he invited me out to dinner. We hit it off immediately, and we’ve been best friends ever since.” –Shanahan




4. Rex Grossman


Rex Grossman

Favorite band: Coldplay
Nickname (given to him from Steve Spurrier): Sexy Rexy

Enough said.




3. Matt Leinart


Matt Leinart

Incorporated ballroom dancing into his college curriculum.

BFF with Nick Lachey.

Has appeared in the TV Show “Desperate Housewives”.



2. Tony Romo


Tony Romo

Tony Romo loves chick flicks. According to Cowboy’s Terence Newman, “he rented a Hillary Duff movie and watched the whole thing!” Rumor also has it that he watched The Notebook with former teammate Jason Witten.



1. Joey Harrington


Joey Harrington

Harrington appeared in a Disney commercial during the 2003 season for the release of The Lion King on DVD.

At Oregon home basketball games, Joey would lead the student cheering section by dressing up in a flowing red wig with a troupe called the Mac Court Mullets.

Joey was named one of “Hottest Hunks in the U.S.” in the November 2003 issue of Cosmopolitan. He comments on what he finds attractive in women “Soft cheeks are so appealing.”

Oregon College Nickname: Princess - due to the fact that they couldn’t touch him during practice.

Oh yeah, and he plays the piano. Like concert level classical piano.


Wow, great job guys … I am sure that Brett Farve is really impressed with you all.


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August 29. 2007 10:56


for being on on the top 10 most effeminate list...Jeff Garcia sure has a hot wife. (lookup Carmella DeCesare)


September 17. 2007 18:35


Nice list!


October 4. 2007 23:17

10 Most Effeminate NFL Quarterbacks [PICS] « Football Top News

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October 7. 2007 18:30

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October 14. 2007 09:25


Would David Carr have made the list if you knew about those fruity white gloves he wears now?


October 29. 2007 08:13

Suzi alshon

I just want to say.. I have a little quarter back he is 13 yrs old, I do believe he will take it all the way. Im aquarterback mom. I love all of you, and watch as many game as I can, Im a co. nativeand also a BRONCO fan, I would love to have Jay Cutlers picture and autograph, olong wiht the Manning Brothers. and Tom Brady, and Tony Romo, Brett Farve... Wish I had tickets to that game tonight. For Christmas my wis list includes all the nfl qb cards. I have a specual insight gift with football, I see alot before it actually happens. LOVE THE GAME... in in hog heaven. Suzi

Suzi alshon

November 22. 2007 08:53


Nice job, providing vital information. How about an All-Time Effeminate QBs list, a Hall of Effame?


December 18. 2007 09:19


This list is missing a BIG one!!!! Where is Tom Brady???? Time to make a new listFrown


December 18. 2007 10:42


What a stereotypical world we live in. Maybe they should all vote Republican too b/c apparently that's a really "manly" thing to do! BUSH IS MANLY, SO IS WAR, SO IS BEING REPUBLICAN...WOOOOOOOOOOO! I WANT MY KIDS TO BE MANLY SO I'M GOING TO MAKE DAMN SURE THEY LISTEN TO TOBY KEITH AND IDOLIZE BUSH. Screw intelligence, logic and reason...for men to succeed in the Lord's ways and be considered "manly" they must blindly accept the bullshit fed to them at Sunday mass as well as what constitutes "masculinity." BARF.


December 28. 2007 20:39


what about Tom Brady??


December 29. 2007 17:54


First of all, all people have traits which are classified as part of their male/female sides. Even if any these guys are gay, they should be judged based on their ability on the field. Gosh, this whole thing smacks of homophobia.
To the publishers of this list, I say: Just grow up! We are almost in 2008.


December 29. 2007 18:01


Drew Brees is left out. He has a woman's body, especially his ass.


December 30. 2007 10:06


This list is so gay.

Only a posing homo would make such a list--and I know! It takes one to know one.

This is what makes America suck and this sort of stupidity is why THEY all hate us.


July 30. 2008 09:49


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August 5. 2009 10:08


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December 27. 2009 16:08

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I just want to say.. I have a little quarter back he is 13 yrs old, I do believe he will take it all the way. Im aquarterback mom. I love all of you, and watch as many game as I can, Im a co. nativeand also a BRONCO fan, I would love to have Jay Cutlers picture and autograph, olong wiht the Manning Brothers.

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