11 Unique Ways To Smoke Weed

College isn't only about drinking beer, it's about much more than that...like smoking pot.  And what you smoke your pot out of is important to some people.  Check out these bongs made by people who decided they wanted their marijuana-related experience to be more than just getting high, talking about Scooby-Doo, and eating Funyuns.


11.)  Cop Car Bong

Is there a better way to stick it to the cops than by smoking weed out of the very device they'll use to haul your stoned ass to station?  Obviously this is a model, but that doesn't take away from its awesomeness.  Although, smoking out of a real life cop car would be bad ass.  Maybe next year at Bonnaroo?


10.)  Gas Mask Bong

This device takes the job of the gas mask (to keep poison out) and flips it upside down.  Now your smoke is hangin out in a mask with you, with nowhere to go but in your lungs.  You may have seen this bong in the 2007 comedy Knocked Up worn by Seth Rogen, when he said "Luke, I am your stoner." 


9.)  Bowling Alley Bowl

One of the best ways to make bowling fun is to ingest multiple mind altering drugs while playing it.  This contraption allows you to bowl, and smoke a bowl, all at the same time.  Smoking at a bowling alley would be great simply because you don't have to go too far to fill up on the greasiest foods on the planet to assuage your insatiable munchies.
(picture courtesy of www.collegehumor.com)


8.)  Pineapple Bong

Get a taste of Hawaii with the pineapple bong.  Everybody loves pineapple, and when it's been filtering THC from your pot for a few days, it becomes a delicious euphoria inducing fruit that not even Jesus himself could have invented.
(picture courtesy of www.collegehumor.com)


7.)  Cucumber Bong

Fruits are all well and good, but don't forget to eat your vegetables.  Somehow, we feel your mom wouldn't quite agree with that statement if you're using your cucumber to get high, especially if you didn't let her have a hit or two.
(picture courtesy of www.collegehumor.com)


6.)  Vacuum Bong

Probably the best thing a person can do is turn their mom's (or grandma's) vacuum into a device for the ingestion of marijuana smoke.  The best thing would be coming home to your mom, sitting on the couch, a room full of pot smoke hanging heavy in the air, as she giggles on the couch to Oprah.  "I don't know what happened to the vacuum, but I love it." She would say, then eat a bag of Cheetos.
(picture courtesy of www.collegehumor.com)


5.)  Pumpkin Bong

Is the pumpkin a fruit or a vegetable?  Either way, it's hilarious to smoke out of it.  Have the best Halloween ever by making a bong out of one of these.
(picture courtesy of www.collegehumor.com)


4.)  Water Cooler Bong

When you have a bunch of useless water hanging around, there's only a few things you can do with it.  Drink it?  I guess.  Wash things with it?  Ok.  Use it to get you and your friends totally baked before class?  Yes.
(picture courtesy of www.collegehumor.com)


3.)  Smoke My Ass Bong

Once you can get your pride in check, smoking pot out of a ceramic asshole should be no sweat. 
(picture courtesy of www.collegehumor.com)


2.)  Donkey Kong Bong

It's about time these two people met.  We're talking about the kid version of you, and the adult version of you.  By combining your favorite activity from your childhood and your  favorite activity from your adulthood,  you're re-connecting with the person you used to be.  The only difference is, you're more high.


1.)  Human Skull

That's right.  In the past two years, TWO separate groups of kids have been found guilty of middle of the night grave digging in order to dismember a human corpse solely for the purpose of cutting off the skull to make a bong!  How resourceful and morbid.  It's like Cheech and Chong meets Frankenstein. 


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