20 Of The Hottest News Reporters Anywhere

Naming hot news anchors isn't especially ground-breaking, but why does anyone need to cite originality as a reason to look at beautiful women?  If you get bored of that, you might want to take a week off from the internet, refresh yourself, and come back when staring at heavenly bodies gets your blood moving again.  You never would have seen these beauties on the news 60 years ago.


20.)  Contessa Brewer--MSNBC

Brewer reports for MSNBC.  She was fired from her job on Don Imus' show for talking shit about him.  She's hot AND doesn't give a shit about anyone.


19.)  Robin Meade--CNN

Robin Meade was once Miss Ohio, which isn't saying much.  But then she was top 10 in the Miss America pageant, which definitely improves her credibility. 


18.) Bonnie Bernstein--ESPN

Not only is "Bernie" hot, but she knows her sports, which makes her hotter.


17.)  Alexis Glick--Fox Business

One of the many smokin' ladies on Fox Business, Alexis Glick started her career at the prestigious Goldman-Sachs financial firm.


Ashley Webster

Wait.  Oops.  Sorry, the name fooled us.


16.)  Jenna Lee--Fox Business

Jenna Lee played division I softball in college, but unlike most of the team, she's a hot girl!


15.)  Sandra Smith--Fox Business

Sandra Smith is the hot blue-eyed blond giving you stock tips on Fox Business.


14.)  Shibani Joshi--FOX Business

The exotic chicks are the best!  Shibani Joshi is hot AND smart.  She went to Harvard Business School.  EVER HEARD OF IT?  By the way, Fox Business is KILLING.


13.) Maria Bartiromo--CNBC

Maria Bartiromo is one of the older ladies on the list, but that doesn't take away from her hotness.  At 41, she's a cougar we love to watch.


12.)  Betty Nguyen--CNN

Betty Nguyen is another exotic and hot news reporter.  She can be seen anchoring CNN morning shows.


11.) Erin Andrews--ESPN

You can see Erin Andrews reporting for ESPN, most recently, on the NHL.


10.)  Sharon Tay--MSNBC

Yes, Sharon Tay IS a news anchor.  And no, we haven't the faintest idea why she felt having this picture taken was necessary.  No one's complaining. 


9.)  Erin Burnette--CNBC

This sharp-tongued anchor is well-versed in business and finance after years at Goldman-Sachs financial firm.


8.)  Lara Logan--CBS News

Lara Logan is pretty bad-ass.  She reported on the fighting on Haifa Street in Baghdad, a skirmish that resulted in many casualties.  CBS News was afraid to run her footage on their regular broadcast and Logan was all "This is bullshit!"


7.)  Melissa Stark--MSNBC

You can find Melissa Stark anchoring for MSNBC.  Prior to that, she was an NFL sideline reporter.


6.)  Courtney Friel--Fox News

Courtney Friel reports on entertainment for Fox News.


5.)  Ines Sainz--TV Azteca

There isn't much information on Ines Sainz out there, but we do know this: she is an extremely talented sports anchor in Mexico.  Look at how talented she is.


4.)  Kiran Chetry--Fox News

Kiran Chetry is the exotic Fox News anchor.  Fox seriously has the hottest anchors.


3.)  Amy Robach--NBC

Amy Robach is the hot blond NBC anchor who sometimes sits in on The Today Show.


2.)  Melissa Theuriau--France?

Since she's from France, we wonder if she really IS a news anchor, or if she's simply a beautiful woman France takes pictures of just to gloat.  "We have HER, and YOU have Diane Sawyer!"  Then we assumed they would take a sip of wine and a mouthful of some expensive type of cheese.  But in all seriousness, Melissa Theuriau might be one of the most beautiful women on the entire planet, news anchor title aside.


1.)  Jackie Guerrido--Some Lucky News Station

What?!  Melissa Theuriau isn't #1?  Yeah, we were surprised too.  But then we got a good 2-hour "look" at Jackie Guerrido, meteorologist in Florida, and changed our perspective.  Good gracious, she is beautiful.  As you can see, there are some big weather fronts moving in.  That was stupid, but you get the idea.


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