Deadly Dogs - The Most Potentially Violent Dogs to Own


Although animal behaviorists have testified that any dog, trained and properly socialized, would not exhibit any more dangerous characteristics than any other breed of dog, some breeds just have a bad reputation. These breeds have been forced to succumb to their bad habits or natural instincts. For example, the pit bull, when forced to take his ability to hunt and lock his jaw around prey to the extreme, will let judgment fall to the wayside when deciding on a target. Speaking of Michael Vick…*cough*. Force a chihuahua to focus all of its energy on nipping people’s ankles and that breed will appear on the next updated list. A lot of limpers will be roaming the streets.

In order of most to least US fatalities…

Pit Bull/Pit Mix

Weight - 55-65 lbs.

Origin: United States

A Pit will take on any opponent and has no fear of losing a fight. Although it is a fallacy that they can lock their jaws, it is unlikely that they will release their prey until it is dead.

Pit Bull


Weight - 100-130 lbs

Origins - Ancient Rome.

These dogs are intelligent and serious. They have keen territorial instincts that may lead to aggression against intruders and are the size of an average woman.


German Shepherd

Weight - 70-100 lbs.

Origin - Germany

If badly bred, Shepherds can have a nervous and untrustworthy disposition. If mishandled, this dog will never forget and could lash out.


Husky Type

Weight - 44-66 lbs.

Origin - Alaska

This breed is independent and domineering and if not trained well as a puppy, anxious tendencies can lead to nipping, then biting.

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Alaskan Malamute

Weight - 75-100 lbs.
Origin - Nordic

These dogs are high energy and strong willed, if bored they can become destructive.


Doberman Pinscher

Weight - 65-90 lbs

Origin - German

This dog does not typically enjoy children. Males can be nervous and aggressive towards other males. Dobermans frequently suffer from abandonment issues if left home alone too often.


Chow Chow

Weight - 50-70 lbs

Origin - China

Their aloof and independent nature can cause them to be aggressive towards unfamiliar people or animals. They are also obstinate and need constant reinforcement.


Other Breeds that have attained a bad reputation for a few rare attacks…

Weight - 50-70 lbs.

Origin - Germany

Some experts say that their aggressive tendencies have been “bred out” but they are naturally suspicious of strangers.



Weight - 40-70 lbs

Origin - Yugoslavia

They have protective tendencies, active minds and require a ton of exercise to avoid retaliation from boredom.


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Presa Canario

Weight - 80-115 lbs

Origin - Canary Islands

Originally bred to guard and fight with cattle, an attack by this dog has been described as hopeless for the victim. They are a guardian breed with man-stopping ability, incredible power and a complete lack of fear.


Wolf Hybrid

Any dog crossbred with a wolf will have some wild instincts to hunt and harm.


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August 31. 2007 17:41

Dennis Mayhew Sr.

Violent dogs? - there are valid points both pro and con. I think I have read a lot about, studied, and personally observed the behavior of dog(s) and the owners. Lets just take it on an individual situation. It could be the dog or it can be the owner.
I own a rare breed "guard dog" (a South African Boerboel). He is very passive, loves children and people, except when he encounters a possible illegal trespasser. I could "train" him to be aggressive but I don't want that. On the other hand some dogs are naturally viscous.

Dennis Mayhew Sr.

September 2. 2007 18:03

James DuBeau

Presa Canarios take the cake when it comes to aggressive dogs, and yes that whole lock-jaw thing about pitbulls is a myth, they are just very strong willed, their jaw is no different than the next dog.

James DuBeau

September 19. 2007 11:57


I don't really think the Boxer belongs on this list. Any Boxer I have been around or have owned has been very sociable with strangers. Never been the least bit shy or timid around new people. They occasionally are a little suspicious of other unfamiliar dogs. But they are a very laid back and friendly breed. Hilarious and entertaining as well


September 19. 2007 15:18

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PicturesInn » Deadly Dogs - The Most Potentially Violent Dogs to Own

October 22. 2007 14:18

Karl Radcliffe

I own a pit bull cross or should I say she owns me! This dog weighs 45 lbs and is full of love. My grand daughter just turned 1 and has been together with tootsie the whole time. This dog is one of the family. She plays only rough with me and nobody else. These dogs get a bad rap. Her only problem she does not like to be alone.

Karl Radcliffe

October 30. 2007 10:00


I own a dalmation and although she is very gentle and quiet. I have had many people tell me stories aboutthe dal the knew, and my vet said other than my dog they make all dalmations wear muzzles when they come in for a check up. He said it's because unlike almost every other breed of guard dog dals guard all of the time any where, where as most boxers or rotties etc, guard a fixed location so once they are out of the area they are guarding they stop.

My other dog is an american bullldog, which has always been very lovey. I own a pet store and have to fit dogs for muzzles and in my experince cockers, huskies and shepards are the leading offenders.


December 24. 2007 13:57


You have some of the wait's off like GSD's They are 80 120lbs and higher if crossed. Most of it was right but there are some detales you left out and need to fix. look up these dogs on wikapida and do some more reasurch before you post.


December 25. 2007 16:55


na man a presa will shit briks 4 me go clos 2 it and ur dead ther jaw is lik 2ce the siz of a pitty wen it has a jawlock go nex 2 it and ur dead


December 25. 2007 16:58

presa caniro

i dont beliv that pittys are the strongest i beliv that presa are the strongest just see it wen it goes agrresiv feget about training it 2 kill people it already knows how 2 doit

presa caniro

December 28. 2007 10:09


I've always disliked the thought of people owning, breeding and buying wolf hybrids, as most have absolutely no idea what they're getting into, considering the fact that these animals are most certainly not your ordinary house pet or companion. The majority are wolf obsessive morons that think it's cool to cage up a wild animal for the sake of their own entertainment and pleasure.

As for the rest of the dogs on the list, none of the BREEDS are vicious. A breed’s origin and passed purpose are what people judge, rather than the dog itself, which is entirely ass backwards. A dog alone can be vicious, but unfortunately the whole breed is looked upon as dangerous.

Most breeds, like Huskies, Malamutes, Pit Bulls and Rottweilers require experienced handling/training and very responsible owners who know what they're doing.


December 29. 2007 02:18


Why aren't those nasty-ass Chihuahuas on that list? Little Demon-dogs that escaped from the gates of Hell.


December 29. 2007 05:45


any dog can be the sweetest doesnt matter what they were bred 2 do as long as they are socialized properly...and maybe even not trained very much but some training....wolf hybrids can be the sweetest pet....i have 4 of them and they are the sweetest dogs youll ever meet cuz they were socialized, trained, and they still protect the family...wha tit comes down 2 is the behavior of the animal is based on the behavior of the human.


December 31. 2007 13:07


Thise is the dumbest shit i have ever read in my life. Just because some of these dogs were for fighting other dogs doesn't that they will be harmful to humans it is the humans who own these dogs that make harmful therefore this is a bullshit website. i know lots of people who own pitbulls, am staffs, dobermans, and bully breed dogs and these dogs are nothing but babies and would only hurt a fly and nothing else. one of my closet friends has a pitbull crossed with a am staff and it is the sweetest dog and very playful i have witnessed it play with a 2 yr old girl and it was so gentle and very curious to her. she was able to tug on his ears and he did not mind. although the only thing i give credit to about this website is the chow chow. the dogs that i believe to be most violent to own are small breed dogs like chihuahua, shitz zue, etc.. These are the types of dogs that are most often biting people and nipping and bitting little children. So leave FUCKING pitbulls and bully breed dogs alone and go after the FUCKING poeple who treat these dogs like shit and bad mouth them ban them from areas and owning dogs do not bad mouth these FUCKING dogs anymore.. The poeple who do this do the dogs should be put to sleep, not the dog. the dog is only doing what he is told to do by his owner.
One of my most favourite dogs i have ever met was a Doberman and is orginally came from a crack house then was siezed at a puppy mill and yes agressive in the beginning it is only aggressive when entering into a room or building and if you are in the dog is harmless towards you. i have played with this dog for hours and hours and i would play hard with her and she would not harm me and she never did harm me. therefore i will close my statement with this dogs do what they are told to do and if you tell a dog to attack it will therefore go after the poeple who just get dogs for attacking and attack them and put them down not the dogs.


January 2. 2008 20:56


I have never seen any issues with a Husky.. do your research before posting. They are the complete opposite of a guard dog and would willingly go home with anyone. The ones I met (and own) have the sweetest disposition. As a pup they are tough because they are very independent and do not want to succumb to authority. Persistence, consistency in training HAS to be done. If not like most dogs you could have issues with destruction from their high energy. Also mine are mostly house dogs and though I play with them and run em' till they quit daily they do NOT need to be in a huge fenced yard as everyone says. NEVER let them out unleashed though as they WILL run for miles and likely get struck by a car in the process. Its in their breed to run. Exercise though through chasing a ball or toy can wear them out though and keep them happy.
Any dog can be on this list if the owner is bad. Just as guns don't shoot themselves dogs don't train themselves to be up to date on etiquette on what humans consider acceptable behavior.


January 4. 2008 13:53


Do you know what a Bully Kutta dog is?
I once had a Pitbull/Bully Kutta mix. Pacino was the perfect dog in every way. Hes head was just as big as a lion head, not joking.. GreenBlue eyes, big jaws and very BIG.
Let me tell you something: My dogs brother lived across the street. He was knowned as the most fritening dog on the block. Im not surpriced.. The owner didnt care for him, jused him as a symbol and you know what that means; always hitting him and stuff. SO its the owners fault that a dog can allow his aggressiv background to show up. And belive me, if you would get hit everyday, it would then be naturale for you to start getting aggressive to other people.. Im I right/wrong.?
My ex dog(Pacino) was perfect in everyway! Ok, he was allways on hes watch, when maybe hearing something ore when we were out and it was dark and then hearing something. In these situations he jused to stand tall and strong (so prod when he did it) with an intensity in his eyes =) So perfect! BUT he never hurt someone, in any way. It is called disiplin in a correct way, YOU should never beat youre dog.. NEVER! But you need to show that youre strong and the one in charge.. My edvise to you ;)
When loosing him (P died as 12 years old.. Got him when i was 7 years old) I couldnt stand it! And I said that I would never get a new friend.. But then after a year; saw a wonderful pup! A Wolf hybrid.. The girl who took care of him couldnt keep him because of the hybrid thing, so I was willing to take care of him.
And now; Were living happy, Me & Pacino Jr..


January 6. 2008 06:22


Dogs or rather their breeds aren't the issues, its the thick headed owners who are to blame.
All animals have a potential to harm you, you are more likely to fall from a horse or be scratched by a kitten than mauled by a dog. Dogs are no more dangerous than any other animal which is why I fail to see the point in banning certain breeds (a spaniel will bite too). I think we should ban owners instead, people should prove themselves competent owners before being allowed to keep any sort of animal.


January 9. 2008 01:00



i think bully kuta in pakistan is the mosst dangerous breed in the world .
even now , they are trained for dog fight and are very aggresive and very strong .


February 1. 2008 21:29


Actually Heather, the weight given on here for the German Shepherd Dog (GSD) is too high. The average weight for GSD's is anywhere from 65-80 lbs. Those larger behemoths you see (I even heard of a K-9 Officer with a 120 lb. GSD), are much too large for the breed, and are not real German Shepherds. This is just one of the many reasons why U.S. Military and Police Forces must now go all the way to Germany to recruit their K-9's. America has for the large part corrupted the breed with so much inbreeding, that these dogs no longer resemble what they were originally intended for. They now have attitude problems, joint issues, and multiple other negative factors. German Shepherds were never built for pure size, but rather for speed and agility.

As for the American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT), this dog's average weight range is 30-55 lbs. Those larger 65 lb. + monsters have been crossed with mastiffs to increase their size. As with the GSD's, these dogs were originally built for agility, not massive size.

I have two dogs, a Jack Russell Terrier, and an Akita/Husky Mix. Both of my dogs happen to be working form, not show form (Nothing against the show form, I just happened to have come into ownership of two working form dogs). You can truly tell the difference. You might of heard recently of a so called Parson Russell Terrier. Many believe this is just another name for a Jack Russell, when in fact it has begun to split off into an entirely seperate form of the original dog. The Parsons are larger than Jacks, usually standing anywhere from 12-15 inches tall, and their coloring along with fur type is more strictly regulated by guidelines. Jacks on the other hand generally top out at 12 Inches, and may come in any shade of colors and fur type. For a working Jack Russell, looks take a backseat to performance. As a matter of fact, so many breeders have attempted to standardize their dogs to the Parson Russell guidelines, that they now have to actually teach their dogs how to hunt! Not to mention that many Parsons are too large to ever crawl through a tunnel during a hunt.

My JRT has never needed any teaching, and can follow any trail, even finding alternate routes when I tell her to. She goes after anything that moves, and is extremely bright (Hey, I think she has me trained). I don't allow her to make a kill (I don't live on a farm), but I do allow her the thrill of tracking. She is an extremely Alpha dog, and every other dog in the neighborhood and park knows their place around her. She doesn't bully, but doesn't take kindly to overbearing attempts from others.

My Akita/Husky is a puppy, and a female as well. Some say you can never put two dominant Female breeds together, but tell that to my two. The JRT trained the Huskita to the point I now have another top notch guard dog as well as tracker. The Huskita doesn't like trespassers of any sort, but would only attack if it mattered. She is very wary of strangers, and generally only warms up slightly to friends (depending on their demeanor). I can tell you one thing though, she can pull with the best racing Huskies you will ever come across. From the looks and actions present with her I have figured her to be Alaskan Husky. She likes to bark-howl, and that freaks people out. Sometimes she'll even howl at the moon(Yeah some say Wolves don't do that, but tell that to her), and some of her other actions are Wolf-like as well, so who knows if she has any Wolf in her. Regardless, she is very protective, and territorial, but a very nice and family/pack oriented pup.

Both of my dogs are working versions of their breed, and need no training to perform the actions their breeds have been around for. My Huskita loves snow and pulling, my Jack loves hunting, and both excel tremendously at their fields.

Bottom line, people shouldn't breed for appearances alone, it ruins the breeds. Raise your dog right, and you will have a family companion for life. If you're willing to lay your life down for them, they will be willing to do the same for you as well.

ThePackLeader us

February 21. 2008 14:46


Wow. No BREED has a higher tendency towards aggression than any other breed. I own three APBTs and they're the most amazing dogs you'll ever meet. They love everyone, especially children, whom they don't eat.
It's all in how you raise them. It's simply that the breeds listed above attract inappropriate/irresponsible owners more than others. And you might as well add labs to that list, because I've encountered more aggressive labs than any other breed. Uh-oh, looks like they're aggressive dogs as well.

However, I do appreciate how you didn't actually go around bashing those breeds. Instead, you listed their personalities and what, when in the wrong hands, makes them dangerous dogs. But any large dog can become dangerous.

Therian us

May 10. 2008 20:00


Actually, the DDR (old world or East German) German Shepherds are larger than the "American" German Shepherd. The DDR are more of the "working" side of the breed. They have a high working drive, but are usually very laid back and calm (to me they almost have a cute "dopey" quality to them). The American GSD is smaller, they also have a high working drive, but seem to be on a caffeine high all the time. I have owned both types of GSD. My first was a "typical" blk/tan American GSD (HERO) and he was a hand full. Eager to please, high ball, food and chase drives. Very high energy levels. My current GSD (DRAGON) is an old world DDR I acquired from a friend in Russia. He is solid black and a very big boy!! Full grown he is 113 lbs. His pedigree is longer than he is. You can actually trace his lineage all the way back to the second world war (pretty impressive). Dragon has a straighter back, Hero's back had a very nice slope that we Americans like better. Dragon's jaw is square, Hero's was more tapered at the snout. Hero would chase a ball till he dropped from exhaustion, Dragon will stop once he's had enough. Dragon is just thicker and bigger boned than Hero. I guess Hero just had a "sleaker" appearance to him. Dragon is...well..."burly".
And the reason the military and police use imports is not because the American GSDs are too's because they are too small. Degeneration has occurred in the Western European breeding of German shepherds. Little pigmentation, slim bone structure and soft character.

GypsyDragon us

January 12. 2009 06:29


According to an attorney, the most violent dogs are cocker spaniels and poodles.

jross2 us