The Strongest Beers You Can Buy in the U.S.

So you think you're a badass because you drink 10% Belgian tripel. Try these beers on for size. They're double the alcohol by volume (ABV) of your pansy tripel.

6. The Beast


ABV 16.4%

Colorado based Avery Brewing makes this puppy seasonally so time it right and snag some toward the end of summer. As expected there is a frightening toothy creature onthe bottle.



5. Samuel Adams Triple Bock

ABV 18%

The Triple Bock was last brewed in 1997 but don't worry there's still some on the shelf. And seeing as this beer is similar to wine it only gets better withtime.


4. 120 Minute IPA


ABV 20%

This incredibly hoppy IPA by Dogfish Head Craft Brewery is intense. The 2008 schedule indicates 120 Minute IPA will be released in March, June and September. Mark your calendar.


3. Samuel Adams Millennium

ABV 21%

Sam Adams only made one batch of this stuff, 3,000 bottles to be exact. It'sintention to commemorate the year 2000. There are still a decent number ofbottles out there but you'll have to search online for them and be prepared to pay a nice chunk of change.


2. World Wide Stout


ABV 23.04%

Another Dogfish Head concoction this absurdly dark, rich beer is infamous among beer afficiando's and is also produced in limited batches. Set to be released in November of this year get yours before they're all gone and the online mark up begins.



1. Sam Adams Utopias

ABV 27%

With it's crazy packaging, mini keg-like contraption, and zero carbonation it's difficult to call this a beer. But it is and some purport it's the strongest beer in the world. It's is likely to be the most expensive as well with online prices ranging from $200-$600 per bottle even though initial retail is closer to $100.

Keep in mind there are not your usual 'session' beers. These ultra-fermented beers taste more like a port or cognac than beer and should be enjoyed similarly. Which helps, to some extent, justify the outrageous prices.  It's not like buying one 12oz bottle of Budweiser. One of these bottles will last awhile and serve multiple people. Utopias' suggested serving is 2 ounces to be sipped as an aperitif.

Besides small, local craft breweries the leading manufacturers are clearly Dogfish Head and Sam Adams. This shouldn't deter you from seeking out local brewpubs and microbreweries, we are simply providing universal information.

Author's note: The Sam Adam's website requires ageverifictaion and therefore could not be directly linked. To find any of the SamAdam's beers discussed here go enter their website [link] hit the “Beer Styles” tab, and finally the “Extreme Beers” button at the bottomof the list.

*Remember that State laws dictate salable ABV

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