The Five Most Racist College Nicknames

As you’re filling out those college applications and running yourself silly on the field to impress college scouts, have you taken the time to stop and smell the racism? We have smelled it for you and it stinks.

Following are the top 5 Most Racist College Nicknames in no particular order.

UNC Tarheels
Tarheels Logo University of North Carolina Tar Heels: When the British soldiers crossed the Tar River during the American Revolutionary War, it is said that they emerged black, therefore nicknamed “tar heels.” Could UNC get away with a monkey as their mascot as well?
FSU Seminoles
Seminoles Logo Florida State University Seminoles: FSU’s official war chant is titled “massacre”. The spectators rise during the chant and pretend to chop each other to bits, trivializing Native American culture. But have no worries, if you are visiting Florida and a white man with his face painted comes running at you, making a chopping motion, just laugh and yell “Go Seminoles,” it is all in good fun.
UNM Lobos
Lobos Logo University of New Mexico Lobos: The UNM staff is slick. Lobo is the Spanish word for wolf, but also the synonym of Zambo. Lobo/Zambo is a derogatory term used to describe a racial class in Colonial Mexico, the offspring of slaves.
IU Hoosiers
Hoosiers Logo Indiana University Hoosiers: If you’re running about town in Bloomington, IN and someone screams “Hoosiers,” pound your chest then put your fists in the air.
If you’re running about town anywhere else in the country and someone screams “Hoosiers,” brace yourself for a fight. They are calling you “white trash.”
KU Jayhawks
Jayhawks Logo Kansas University Jayhawks: Cute, furry blue bird – I think not. Jayhawkers are notoriously known for setting an entire town aflame in support of Kansas’ admission to the union as a slave state. Maybe a more appropriate mascot would be Klan member with a Molotov cocktail.

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July 31. 2007 05:11


Your Jayhawk information is way, way off. Jayhawker was a term applied to people from Kansas who didn't want slavery. Quantrill, from Missouri, burnt Lawrence, KS and killed many of the people there. Yes, the Jayhawkers fought back and in the end may have been more ruthless, but they were not pro-slavery. There are still regional conflicts in eastern Kansas and western Missouri because of this. Kansas-Missouri sports teams are huge rival because of this.

Kansas Jayhwkers - Anti-slavery

Missouri- Pro-slavery


July 31. 2007 09:46

the 5 most racist college nicknames | Young Black Professional Guide

[...] (via campussqueeze) [...]

the 5 most racist college nicknames | Young Black Professional Guide

July 31. 2007 10:17

Just me

it's amazing you see dirty where there is not get a life!

Just me

August 1. 2007 04:26



In the 1850's, there were some jayhawkers who were pro-slavery, but there were also some that were abolitionists. The term was used when referring to both groups. During the Civil War, jayhawkers banded together to repel invasions by Missouri bushwhackers. Blanketing all jayhawkers as pro-slavery-molotov-cocktail-holding-KKK-members is an ignorant stereotype.


September 19. 2007 19:52


you forgot Oral Roberts


November 27. 2007 17:44




December 8. 2007 11:59


If the University of Kansas or Lawrence has anything to do with pro-slavery ideas why is the local high school, brewery, etc. named Free State? Lawrence was an abolitionist stronghold before Kansas was even a state. It's Missouri that and it's Border Ruffians that your thinkin' of. A Jayhawk is not a racist term in any way.


June 24. 2009 12:48

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June 24. 2009 12:50

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Oral roberts, that's a good one

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June 27. 2009 17:34


Whoever is in charge of Campus Squeeze should immediately delete this outrageous commentary which eqates Jayhawkers with a pro-slavery position. That is so obviously ridiculous that it's not worth spending too much time on. Please, Campus Squeeze delete this stupidity ASAP.

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December 9. 2009 00:08

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