The NFL's Douchiest Douches of the Week

What is it about the NFL that brings out the worst in people?  We're not breaking any new ground when we say that it seems like every week a new NFL player does something stupid, forcing his team to pull out a podium, and forces him to apologize for his stupidity in front of America.  Well whatever, it's fun to watch.




Tom Brady

It has nothing to do with football, in a way.  This douchiness was spawned out of Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen's being incredibly famous.  Brady and Bundchen married in February of 2009.  At a post-wedding party in April of 2009 held in Costa Rica, the couple hired bodyguards and allowed AFP photographers Yuri Cortez and Rolando Avilez to photograph the party.  When the pair were leaving, the genius bodyguards obviously over-excited about not having to work at the mall that day, demanded their cameras and memory cards.  A scuffle ensued and Cortez and Avilez attempted to escape in their car.  One of the body guards then fired bullets at their heads, probably in an attempt to immobilize them, which is usually a very effective way to do that.  The bullets narrowly missed the photographers heads.  They are suing Brady for $1 million. 


 Hey Tom, maybe you should make sure the people you hire to protect you are a little more experienced in the art of bodyguarding?  They probably shouldn't try to murder other people you hire. 


Honorable mention:

Robert Henson

(Team punishment: you get tied to the uprights if you do something stupid.  Then you get to go home to your millions of dollars to think about what you've done.)

Athletes are well-known for their bravado.  Think of the biggest offenders: Terrell Owens, Michael Jordan (seriously, this guy talked a ton of shit), Michael Irvin, Deion Sanders, the list goes on and on.  But here's the thing about those guys.  They're pretty fucking great at their sport.  They've earned the right to be somewhat cocky about what they do because they consistently perform at an elite level. 

Then there's Robert Henson.

Who? Exactly.  He's the linebacker for the Washington Redskins.  Wait, he's a non-starting linebacker.  Waaait, he hasn't played in a game yet. 

The Redskins won 9-7 over the Rams last week.  Not the greatest game ever played by a long shot.  The fans were a bit disgusted, and booed the team's win, probably wanting more action since football tickets are rather expensive.  Henson made sure to Tweet about it, calling the fans "dim-wits."  Stop right there, Robby, you've done enough.  Kind of a douchy move, but not the worst thing you could say. 

Then he made sure to take it a step further, claiming that all of the fans were "working 9-5 at McDonald's."  Yeah.  That'll piss people off.


Here's Mike and Mike's take on the subject:

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