Top 10 Hardest Kicked in The Nuts Videos

For girls: A lesson in busting a nut wide open.

An Expected kick in the crank.

This is what we call a drive by.

These kids are practicing for the big time.

No one deserves to wake up to this sort of punishment.

Don’t worry - they’re still young so it doesn’t hurt as much.

This guy will be crippled for the rest of his college life.

The best of… from 200 lb trained fighters.

A girlfriend takes her revenge.

His singing just did not cut it.

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October 9. 2007 09:32


And then you wonder why male infertility is up.


November 17. 2007 08:19


it is the humiliation of men. it the crime against men/boys. they are worst than animals who do this. all males (all over the world) shoud try to stop this, it is not fun it is a sin to humiliate and to beat a man like this. men should also respect men.


December 26. 2007 20:12


Wake up and smell the testosterone, people. There's nothing more satisfying than feeling the squish of a man's soft plums against the top of my foot. Men were made weak so they could be brought to their knees by women's feet.