Top 10 Web Tools for College Students

10. GPA Calculator
Because come mid-semester we all start worrying what our GPA is and what we need to do to change that!

GPA Calculator

Find tons of literature on this site; full versions or abridged, fiction or nonfiction. This will come in handy to pass that stupid pre-req 100 level English/Writing class. also has links to many, many reference sites.

8. Math Sucks
Quick Math solves algebra, equations, inequalities, calculus (differentiation done for you!), and matrices questions within seconds online. There is also a section to help you with percentages and graphs. Plus, it doesn’t cost a thing.

Quick Math

7. Tada List
This may be the easiest and most thorough venue to get and stay organized. Tada List can help you keep track of homework assignments, papers, quizzes, tests, deadlines, projects, etc. Plus you can access it from any computer whenever you need to. Create as many “to do” lists as you like, then track them via RSS.

Tada List

Cramster provides practice tests, question and answer forum, and step-by-step answers to problems in your textbook. There are hundreds of thousands of homework solutions, more than 18,000 lecture notes, and roughly 9,000 practice exams in chemistry, computer science, electrical engineering, math, mechanical engineering, and physics.

Besides offering an online dictionary, thesaurus, and encyclopedia translates text too! Just paste in your text and select which languages to translate from and to. Choices include: Chinese, Dutch, German, Russian, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish, French, and English.

4. Book Finder
It took me til my sophomore year to figure out the campus book store was reaming me when it came to buying text books. So I finally snagged the ISBN’s and headed to Amazon and But wait, there’s an easier way yet. Behold, Book Finder. It is the end all search engine. Search and compare over 125 million books from 4,000 sellers. Cheap, fast, and easy….a lot like your Mom.

3. Test Pirate
Yarrr! Find notes, tests, quizzes, exams, and papers from other college students from 31 different schools. Don’t forget to contribute yourself and add a little somethin’ somethin’.

Test Pirate

2. Ottobib
Everyone hates making those bibliography pages. Like you have the time or energy to properly format all the reference information after you just finished writing a paper! Don’t fear, Ottobib is here. You can enter multiple ISBN numbers and Ottobib will give you the bibliographies in APA, MLA, or Chicago format. Brilliant!

1. Google Docs
Google Docs encompasses everything! You can create spreadsheets, text documents, and presentations. Or you can upload them to your gmail account. The best part is you’ll have access to your documents anywhere, anytime. Another beneficial feature is the ability to share items. This comes in handy with partner or group projects.

Google Docs

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September 27. 2007 03:02

Peter Dimitrakos


Peter Dimitrakos

September 29. 2007 19:29




October 2. 2007 13:57


You should add to that list: checks your essays/thesis/research papers for PLAGIARIZED content before you turn it in. It is the free guerrila student version of the dreaded tool used by profs!


October 4. 2007 11:07



TheClassConnection has a ton of efficient study tools:
# Digital Flashcards make memorizing a breeze.
# Search Public Files by class for easy research.
# Find a Tutor, or offer to tutor a course.
# Keep Organized with customizable community calendars.
# Store Files Online and access them from anywhere.
# Organize Study Groups with online homepages.


October 9. 2007 10:19


Good, I wish I had for use in my school days


October 15. 2007 22:14


Maybe not specifically for college students, but people with access to books they don't want, for trading!


February 11. 2008 05:53


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10 Web Tools for College Students | Organized University

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