Where Are They Now? 7 WWF Wrestlers Who Fell From Grace

There was a time when wrestlers were the superhero's of our society.  For most, those days are gone, replaced by the desire for something real.  That, or your Stone Cold Steve Austin shirt just isn't acceptable office attire anymore.  Either way, wrestlers used to be gods.  What happened to those guys?  A lot of former wrestlers are dead, so we just tried to focus on SOME the living ones.


7.)  Luna Vachon

AKA: Luna

Wrestling Career:

Wrestling generally has two types of women: the hot ones and the horrifying ones.  Luna was the latter.  She was not hot.  To add to her "scary" heel image, her hair was shaved at the sides, and makeup often traversed her head, appearing like red and blue veins.  She looked like a demon, which definitely helped in her "Satanic" background angle.  Her career included feuds with the sexy wrestlers, like Sherri Martel, Sable, and Teri.  She once wrestled for the tag team championship against Sable at Wrestlemania XIV.  After her years in the WWF, Luna wrestled on the independent circuit.

Where Is She Now?

After appearing in (take a breath) both Playboy AND Hustler (barf), Luna was diagnosed with manic depressive disorder and bipolar disorder.  She was addicted to drugs and alcohol for some time, until becoming a born-again Christian in 2004.  She now drives a tow-truck in Florida.


6.)  Lawrence Pfohl:

Aka:  Lex Luger

Professional Wrestling Career:

After being a pretty awesome football player, Pfohl began wrestling in 1985 after meeting Hulk Hogan's trainer, Hiro Matsuda.  He was given the stage name "Lex Luger," and it took very little time for him to start kicking ass.  He quickly rose through the ranks of the NWA Florida wrestling division.  He even fought Ric Flair for the Heavyweight World Championship in an hour long brawl that resulted in a tie.  Despite not winning the title, Luger gained notoriety.

From 1991-1992, Luger held the WCW World Championship Title until losing it to Sting.  He would spend time in the WWF before returning to WCW in 1995, where he famously campaigned against Hulk Hogan and joined nWo's Wolf Pack.  He retired from wrestling in 2001.

Where Is He Now?

Things were rough for Pfohl after his retirement.  In 2003, police were called to his home in Marietta, Georgia due to a domestic dispute between Pfohl and his girlfiend Elizabeth Hulette, his "manager" during his wrestling years.   He had punched her in the face.  Either it was not previously planned or she leaned into it, no one is sure.  Two days later, Pfohl was arrested for driving under the influence after police pulled his car over.  He was clearly in no condition for driving, a fact quickly deduced by police after he rear-ended another car. 

On May 1, 2003, Hulette was found dead in their home.  She had overdosed on pain-pills and alcohol.  A distraught Pfohl called an ambulance, but they were unable to revive her.  A check of their home revealed that he was in illegal possession of controlled substances and he was charged with 13 felonies.  After being placed on 5-year probation, he tried to get on a flight out of Georgia but was detained by authorities. 

In 2006, Pfohl declared himself a born-again Christian.  He gave lectures across the country about Jesus Christ until...

A nerve impingement on his neck led to paralysis.  He can only walk for short periods of time.


5.)  Joanie Laurer

Aka:  Chyna, Chynna Doll

Professional Wrestling Career:

Chyna joined the WWF in 1996, and debuted in February, 1997.  While Triple H was wrestling Goldust, Chyna choked-out Goldust's ring-side lady, Marlena (Terri Runnels), distratcing Goldust and enabling Triple-H to win.  From that point on, Chyna was Triple H's hench-woman, although she easily could have passed for a dude, by giving his opponents a low-blow when Triple H distracted the referee. 

During this time, she dated Triple H in real life, something that had been speculated upon at the time, but was never confirmed due in part to Chyna's desire to appear as a real wrestler, and not someone who banged her way to the top, and also in part to Triple H's desire to not be the guy "banging that dude Chyna."

In 1999 she became the first ever female to win the Intercontinental Championship when she defeated Jeff Jarrett.  The WWF awarded her the Women's Champion Title in 2000.

She retired from the WWF in 2001 for personal reasons.

Where Is She Now?

After appearing in Playboy in 2000, Laurer decided to participate another issue in 2002.  Laurer was engaged to Sean Waltman, also known as X-Pac, in 2003.  They had an on again off again relationship for quite a long time.  Unfortunately, the pair made a sex tape in 2004, which was released as "1 Night In Chyna" GET IT?!, after the popularity of Paris Hilton's "1 Night In Paris" GET IT?! 

She was hilariously arrested in 2005 for domestic violence after beating Waltman.  That same year, Laurer appeared on The Surreal Life, America's terrifying look at how awful being a worthless celebrity can be.  She was visibly depressed and was self-medicating heavily, drinking too much and taking pills.  Waltman visited her, making for a dumb and funny conversation.  She loves drugs so much, that she stripped naked and swam in a fish tank in a New York City nightclub.

To date, she is still trying to get off of drugs, claims to have quit drinking, and appeared on VH1's Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew.


4.)  Sean Waltman

Aka: X-Pac, Syxx, 1-2-3 Kid

Professional Wrestling Career:

At the young age of 21, Sean Waltman joined the WWF, and was considered a "jobber," meaning he lost to popular opponents on a regular basis.  His jobber status ended when he defeated Razor Ramon.  After the victory, he rose up the ranks in the WWF, defeating more popular opponents, and winning the tag-team title.  He even had a title shot in 1994 against Bret Hart, but lost.

Waltman joined WCW in 1996, and managed to become a member of nWo, as Syxx.  He managed to win the cruiserweight title in 1997 but a neck injury forced him out of WCW that year.

He re-joined the WWF in 1998, this time as  X-Pac, a name with many meanings.  He was X-wolf-pack (an alliance in WCW), he enjoyed the rap music if Tupac Shakur, and would be joining Triple H's Degeneration X.  After a few years with DX, X-Pac experienced a pretty bad neck injury.  He would not return for a few years, at which point, he had no wrestling angle from which to promote himself.  After being arrogant about losing matches and a bizarre incident in which he collapsed at the airport, he was released by the WWE, joined Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, and X Wrestling.

Where Is He Now?

As we mentioned before, Waltman made a horrifying sex tape with Chyna.

In early 2008, Waltman attempted suicide.  After taking a combination of prescription drugs and alcohol, he was found hanging by the neck in his home in Mexico City.  He survived the incident, and has been taking steps to combat depression and drug addiction.


3.)  Roderick Toombs

Aka: Rowdy Roddy Piper

Wrestling Career:

Despite having a sweet enough name to not need a stage name, Roderick Toombs became Roddy Piper in the 70s, where he jobbed for a time, and wrestled in lower budget companies before joining the WWF in 1984.  He hosted a show called "Piper's Pit" in which he interviewed his opponents, leading to feuds between him and other wrestlers. 

He left the WWF for a time to pursue acting, but returned and participated in several Wrestlemania's and even re-enacted the famous OJ Simpson high-speed chase in California. 

He joined the WCW and the famous nWo before returning to the WWF in 2002.  He spent time in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling and WWE.

Where Is He Now?

In 2006, Toombs was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma.  In 2007, pictures of him smoking marijuana surfaced on the internet, but Piper claimed that it was medicinal in response to his radiation therapy treatments.


2.)  Jake Roberts

AKA:  Jake The Snake

Wrestling Career:

The "Snake" part of Jake Roberts nickname was pretty literal, given that he usually carried a de-venomed cobra to the ring with him.  He did this on a pretty regular basis, and after defeating his opponent via DDT, he often laid the snake on their body, even going as far as putting his snake in Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat's mouth at one point.  (The actual snake, not know.)  At the famous Wrestlemania III, he took a ridiculous guitar shot (from a real guitar) from the Honky Tonk Man, injuring his neck. 

His next fued was with Andre the Giant, whom he wrestled at Wrestlemania V.  He often used the snake against Andre, under the storyline that he was debilitatingly afraid of them.  Ted Dibiase was next, and in order to properly give Roberts time off for his actual neck injury, they faked an attack where he was severely injured and needed a leave of absence for surgery.

Upon his return, Roberts began a fued with Randy Savage by putting the snake into one of the gift boxes at Savages wedding.

Where Is He Now?

Remember that neck injury Roberts sustained?  Despite the fact that it healed, he became pretty addicted to painkillers, an addiction that followed him throughout most of his career.  After wrestling, his need for pain pills never went away, and he became a full-fledged addict.  In 2007, he entered a rehabilitation program, and it's been reported that he is doing well.


1.)  Brian Hellwig:

Aka:  Ultimate Warrior

Professional Wrestling Career:

The Ultimate Warrior is known for his incredibly physique, and hilarious on-screen persona.  Seriously, that guy gave the greatest interviews.  Anyway, he joined the WWF in 1987, and exploded onto the scene, pretty literally.  He would enter by sprinting down the ramp and jumping into the ring, and basically going nuts.  He always had his face painted pretty awesomely.  During those days, Hulk Hogan was the world's most popular wrestler, but Warrior quickly rose up the ranks, enabling a title shot in 1990.  He held the Intercontinental Title, and defeated Hogan to become the first and only World and Intercontinental Champion of all time.

It wouldn't take long for Warrior to defend his title.  In a plot-line, he faced Sgt. Slaughter who had "defected" and allied himself with "Iraqi General Adnan."  Due to the Gulf War, this made him especially hated.  Warrior lost the match to the shock of the audience.

After being sort of a douchebag for a while, Warrior left the WWF in 1992.  He came back for a little bit, but then ended up in WCW, where he faced Hogan for the title in 1998.  The match was retarded.  They mis-timed half of the maneuvers and it looked totally amateur.  He was supposed to re-sign with WCW after that, but he wanted too much money, and his career ended.

Where Is He Now?

After his retirement in 1999, Warrior turned back into Brian Hellwig, and became a touring lecturer in the right-wing conservative arena.  In a hilarious speech at the University of Connecticut, Hellwig tore apart liberals, going as far as completely denouncing homosexuality much to the anger of the crowd, who immediately began yelling questions and insults.

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Just so ya know the Ultimate Warrior's real name is Jim Hellwig, not Brian.

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Out of the 7... ultimate warrior was the best one whom i love. WWF... but now WWE

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