The 11 Ugliest College Football Uniforms

No one really cares what their favorite team looks like as long as they are winning games.  But that's ok, because no one likes EVERY team, so let's hate on some teams who decided to completely neglect color scheme in favor of creating the ugliest possible uniforms you could imagine.

Oregon Ducks

You really can't make an ugly uniforms list without tossing these guys on there.  You wouldn't expect any team with "Ducks" as their mascot to miraculously follow through with a cool uniform, but couldn't they at least throw something together that doesn't look like a Sierra Mist advertisement? 



Nothing rhymes with Clemson.  Could that be how they chose their colors?  


Texas Christian University

 Purple isn't a cool color, not even when people attempt to add some bad ass points to it by throwing some black in there.


Brigham Young University

Mormons.  They're a weird group, so it should really be no surprise that their football uniforms aren't cool.


Boise State

These uniforms are what your vomit would look like if you ate a bowl of froot loops and a box of crayons.



Again, purple isn't cool, especially when it is the dominant color on your helmet, jersey and pants.


Florida A&M

It's difficult to pinpoint the worst part of these uniforms, but there's just something awful about it.  Maybe it's the bright green and vibrant orange. 



Any uniform that reminds you of Ben Affleck in Daredevil is a bad one.


West Virginia

If you walked along the highway with this on, everyone would think you were a yield sign.


Iowa State

The last person to wear gold pants was MC Hammer.  Perhaps you should take his unbelievable failure into consideration when you design a uniform.



Mmmmm.  This looks like a delicious chocolate yellow layer cake.

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