The Best Dorm Room Pets - Good College Pets

Obviously the best pet to have in a dorm is none. College students barely remember to feed themselves proper nourishment, but hey,they’re still obstinate children. So if they must have their way, here is a list of great dorm pets.


How about a nice pet rock? You do not have to feed it or groom it and the you can take him anywhere, just slide him into your pocket. People will be impressed with how shiny he is.


If you need something with a pulse, a goldfish is relatively easy to maintain. But, the water stinks after only a few days, change it or we’ll file for abuse. How would you like to have to breathe San Fransisco air? We didn’t think so.


Mostly a boys pet, these creepy crawlies are entertaining. They will form a thick complex web in any cage environment. Do some research before you go sticking your hand in the terrarium. Be sure to look at some guidlines before choosing the right type of spider for your pet.


The gerbil - not just for homosexual men anymore, now the new college dorm mascot! These furry critters love to curl up with you, not inside you. The ASPCA is always full of care info.


A hamster is much like a gerbil, but is a bit softer and tad feistier. Spoil them a bit with some vegetables; they look cute with their cheek pouches stuffed. Again, the local ASPCA is often overrun with the pets,adopt!


Fresh water turtles still need an adequate sized tank,but make for very loyal friends and easy indoor pets. Just be sure not to leave that window open after your one with smoking goods. Check with a good source, like Pet Turtle, for environmental concerns.


Frogs’ environment need careful monitoring, especially tropical species. Their fragile bodies are easily harmed by cold or poisonous plants. They are friendly and without talons or fangs, but some do have tiny claws.


Snakes are great indoor pets and become very attached to one particular person - their owner. They should not be mishandled, their nature is as predator. If you can’t breathe mid-night, I’d guess that you pissed off your pet. Boa Tips is a great site for care and maintenance guidelines.


These little bastards bite! But, if trained correctly, ferrets can be as enjoyable as a cat around the dorm. They are smart and therefor can pick up on commands. The Human Society is a great source fr adoptable ferrets as well as the proper way to train these potentially destructive pets.

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